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James Beacham – CERN

Dr. James Beacham from CERN speaks to Indian Genes on all aspects of Time & Time Travel in this very entertaining and informative discussion.

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Siddharth Pandey – Astrobiology

Dr. Pandey, Director of India Operations for the Taksha Terrestrial Analog Research Center (TTARC), is the Head of Amity Space Centre and the Centre of Excellence in Astrobiology at Amity University, India. As a part of this, he is leading an initiative to establish India’s...

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Mohini & Piyush – NASA/JPL & MOXIE

S2/EP4 – In this special episode, Indian Genes speaks exclusively to Mohini Jodhpurkar & Piyush Khopkar. Mohini Jodhpurkar- 1st year PhD student in Dr Jim Bell’s lab at Arizona State University. There, she serves a student collaborator on the Perseverance rover’s science team, specifically working...

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Jill Tarter – SETI

S2/EP3 – Jill Cornell Tarter is an American astronomer best known for her work on the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI). Tarter’s astronomical work is illustrated in Carl Sagan’s novel Contact. In the film version of Contact, the protagonist Ellie Arroway is played by Jodie Foster. Tarter conversed with the actress for...

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