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How DO We Build Structures? Roma Agrawal

Indian Genes brings to you another remarkable guest whose work has quite literally touched the sky. Roma Agrawal is not your average engineer; she’s a visionary, an author, and a relentless advocate for the world of engineering. You may know her best for her...

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Innovation & Entrepreneurship – John Wensveen

In this episode, we have the distinct honor of getting deeper into the world of innovation and Entrepreneurship with a true visionary in the field. Our guest is, a dynamic force of innovation and Chief Innovation Officer at NSU (Nova Southeastern University,  he also holds...

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Learning More About Interstellar Travel

Les Johnson speaks exclusively to Indian Genes in his private capacity as an author & futurist as we have the pleasure of immersing ourselves into the awe-inspiring world of science, fiction, and space exploration with a true luminary in the field Les wears many...

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What Is Life ? – Carl Zimmer

Welcome to Indian Genes, Im your host Joaquim Gonsalves and today we have a truly captivating guest who is a prolific author, renowned science writer, and an expert in his field. With an impressive fourteen books under his belt, including his latest work, “Life’s Edge:...

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