Darsh Kodwani Astrophysicist Episode 16

Darsh Kodwani is our STAR guest and speaks exclusively to Indian Genes about the amazing open questions in Astrophysics today and gives us a better and deeper understanding on the The Big Bang and all the mysteries of the universe.

This is a great episode for any student interested in the subject or a non expert who is curious enough to know more about how it all began and where is it all going.

Darsh is a super achiever and has a PHD from the University of Oxford and has published several Academic papers on a range of topics related to Astrophysics and Data Science.

He has taught 6 courses at the University of Toronto ranging from 1st year introduction to Physics to Final Year graduation in advanced Quantum Mechanics and Electromagnetism.

He has also worked with Dr. Ulrich Klob on a robotic telescope based in Mallorca, Spain called PIRATE to collect and analyze data on Exoplanets,

Darsh has also worked at the University of Oxford to understand the early universe and explore novel mathematical and statistical techniques.

This is an episode you do not want to miss and it was an absolute pleasure having this very  interesting and informative conversation with Dash and we thank him for taking time out to from his busy

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